Move It! Free Online Dance Classes

Move It! is a dance class for everyone. It’s a place for people of all ages, experience levels and abilities to come together to be inspired, empowered and motivated to move their bodies through dance making. Join acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and facilitator Joe Laughlin in a fun and FREE dance class.

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Move It! with Joe #1
Awaken your muscles, establish good posture, engage your core and breathe. Roll down through the spine. The Grace Ball moves energy through our body and the Name Game is a fun way to express yourself through dancing. In Take a Bow we express our gratitude.

Move It! with Joe #2
Define your Personal Space and then design your own Paintbrush Bubble. We learn to use our Demi Plie, the key to dancing, and practise port a bras, aka carriage of the arms. Then we activate our Energy Centre and use it to get down in Le Freak Disco Dance.

Move It! with Joe #3
Circles can happen with every part of your body. Swinging helps us release joints and use momentum for movement. A Chair Dance inspires your own memories with spoken word. Our Brain is what motivates us. The Lip Sync Dance is pure fun and frolic!

Move It! with Heather Dotto and Joey Matt #4
Let’s dance with each other. Making Contact brings us together communicating through touch. The Negative Space Duet finds us making shapes for each other and then filling them. We need to practise our Emotions and Personal Expression is all that’s required for the Free(ze) Dance

About Move It!

Move It! is designed to help participants discover their natural impulse to move and groove. People of all ages, experience and abilities come together to be inspired, empowered and motivated to move their bodies through dance making. This inclusive curriculum teaches the basics of dance and choreography and demystifies the creative process, while participants experience the sensation of joyful, confident, expressive movement.

Tune into your body. Find renewed energy and confidence. Affirm creativity, experience the joy of dancing and connect to an innate and playful spontaneity. Have fun!

About Your Facilitator – Joe Laughlin
Joe Laughlin is the founding Artistic Director of Joe Ink. He has created 14 productions for the company, most recently DANCE:CRAFT, 4OUR, Retrospective: 25 Years, dusk and GRACE, and his over 60 works have been performed in Canada, the US, UK, Europe, South Africa and South Korea. Joe has received the Canada Council Jacqueline Lemieux Prize, the Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award and the BC Isadora Award for Choreography. A particularly versatile artist Joe has worked in dance, theatre and television, receiving commissions from arts organizations including the Canada Dance Festival, the National Arts Centre, the Banff Centre, Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Ballet BC and the Johannesburg based Moving into Dance Mophatong, among others. Well known for his personable teaching style, Joe’s ability to inspire dancers and non-dancers alike to discover their individual movement potential is one of his unique talents and led him to create Move It!